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  • Law Office of Patrick R. McCarty
  • Law Office of Patrick R. McCarty
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Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyers Fight for You at the Most Critical Time

Criminal charges can ruin your life

If you are accused of a crime, you need the best attorney you can get. Small brushes with the law can have long-lasting effects. A person charged with a crime in Texas, regardless whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, could face jail time and thousands of dollars in fines. People with a conviction have reduced work opportunities and other employment obstacles. A person convicted of a sex offense has to follow registration requirements and confront a significant social stigma.

The Law Office of Patrick R. McCarty provides criminal defense services to Fort Worth, Denton and other parts of the Metroplex, with an emphasis on representing Texans accused of sexual offenses. We believe that every individual has a right to a fair defense and should not be convicted on accusations alone. Our principal attorney, Patrick R. McCarty, has years of experience representing Texans and has chaired more than 50 trials.

A law practice dedicated to a strong defense

Our Fort Worth office enjoys fighting on behalf of our clients and takes a hard-line approach to our defense strategy. We set ourselves apart through being:

  • Trial oriented — We start preparing for trial from the moment we take a case. Our aggressive approach puts us in the best position to negotiate with prosecutors or defend our clients at trial.
  • Strategically innovative — Unlike other attorneys who only go through the motions, we develop a comprehensive, detailed plan to represent our clients.
  • Focused on customer service — We want people who come to us for help to feel confident that they are informed of the events in their case and that they are getting their money’s worth. With us, there is no need to be afraid.

Providing legal counsel in serious criminal matters

Our office focuses on criminal defense. We handle all charges except traffic violations. The types of cases we often get include:

  • Sexual assault — A sexual assault charge can result from a variety of different scenarios and carries heavy sentences in the range of two to 99 years. Someone charged with sex assault needs a strong defense.
  • Child sex abuse —The phrase ‘child sex abuse’ brings an instant bias. However, allegations are often found to be baseless or fabricated. Our approach to trial preparation ensures all possibilities are thoroughly investigated.
  • Internet sex crimes — A person who has allegedly committed a crime such as child pornography or soliciting a minor online has several defenses available. Our attorneys can tell you more about your rights and options.
  • SORA violations — The Sex Offender Registration Act requirements can be complicated to understand and easy to forget. But a violation can lead to an additional criminal case. Speak to a defense lawyer first to better understand your requirements.
  • Expunctions and appeals — Our firm also addresses issues beyond a trial, including post-conviction motions such as expunctions and appeals. If you need help having a charge expunged or have grounds to appeal a conviction, speak with one of our attorneys.
  • Sexual assault allegations often resulting in divorce and child custody proceedings — We have years of experience handling such cases and resolving client issues.

Many sexual offenses are first-degree felonies that can carry sentences with decades of prison time, and lifetime sex offender registration. Regardless of the nature of the offense, a defendant needs the best and most aggressive representation available.

Contact us for a free initial consultation with a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Worth

A conviction for any charge, especially one of a sexual nature, can be devastating to your life. The Law Office of Patrick R. McCarty offers legal counsel to people who have been accused of crimes, particularly sex offenses. We also handle personal injury and civil litigation matters as well. If you need a lawyer, schedule a free initial consultation by calling us at 817.527.1679 or online.

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